Painting by Sughra Rababi


Spinal Cord Injury Project 

Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation

In 2005, Northern Pakistan was devastated by an earthquake. Over 600 people became paralyzed from spinal cord injuries.  SCIPPER aims at rehabilitating these survivors.

              SCIPPER is a network of individuals and organizations who have worked towards facilitating the rehabilitation of survivors who became paralyzed during the Pakistan earthquake.

Since 2006, the support and sponsorship of 33 paralyzed survivors and their families has been facilitated. Donations are used for food, medical care and supplies like catheters, stipend for a caregiver and education of the patient, their children or siblings. The building of a few homes adapted for the disabled, has also been facilitated.

Most of the SCIPPER patients live in the mountain villages of Kashmir and KPK with their families. A few of the sponsored patients are also living at a Government Facility, the NIHD in Islamabad. 



The paralyzed survivors are mostly young women and children

These two paralyzed ladies are now employed at the Board of Investment, Government of Pakistan in Islamabad