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Spinal Cord Injury Project 

Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation

Hashoo Foundation   (

Hashoo Foundation is an economic and social development agency. It is both non-profit as well as non-partisan, and works with multiple stakeholders and communities irrespective of their race, caste, faith or creed. 

HF envisages an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives and it aims to achieve this  by creating opportunities for vulnerable communities to be economically independent and to improve their quality of life.

HF's objective is human development and poverty alleviation by implementing viable economic development, educational and capacity building programs in Pakistan since 1988. It operates in USA, UK and Tajikistan, HF is also focused on the needs of children with disabilities and provides care and support services to the less privileged and vulnerable members of society.

Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani and Ms. Sara Hashwani are the patrons of Hashoo Foundation.

Since 2005, HF has facilitated the work of SCIPPER. Their staff and team in Pakistan, headed by Dr. Zahooruddin have diligently and efficiently delivered the funds raised in the USA, to the SCIPPER sponsored paralyzed living in distant mountainous and other regions in Northern Pakistan. They have facilitated delivery of  medical care and education to the patients and overseen the building of homes adapted for the paralyzed people in this project. They have done this without charging an overhead fee, which has made it possible for all the donor funds to be used for the welfare of the patients.

Ms. Cristal  Montanez and Ms. Carmen Rodriguez of HF in Houston, facilitate the transfer of donor funds to the paralyzed patients in Pakistan. 


CHAL Foundation

CHAL was initially established as a network  of non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to providing rehabilitation services to disabled persons in Pakistan, particularly in areas affected by the 2005 earthquake. Under the leadership of Mr. Haamid Jaffer, the network work was anchored by Murshid Hospital and Health Care Center, Karachi. In 2010, it was incorporated as CHAL Foundation under the Societies Act in Islamabad.  It works in close collaboration with the Pakistan Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences, in Peshawar. 

Mr. Aslam Khaliq is the Chairman, Mr. Nasser Jaffer, the Secretary and Dr Bakht Sarwar is the CEO.

Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building (PAKSBAB) (

PAKSBAB was originally created to help those who lost their homes in the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Their mission is to apply straw bale and other appropriate building methods to protect and improve the lives of the poor, especially in seismic and extreme weather regions of the developing world. It believes that everyone should have access to safe and affordable housing and that this can be accomplished through local capacity building, creative financing, and innovative design solutions that protect and restore the earth.

Ms. Darcey Donovan heads the organization in Truckee, California, USA and Mr. Surkhab Khan directs it in Pakistan. 


Disabled Peoples Development Organization

DPDO is a grassroots organization in Islamabad, Pakistan, formed to rehabilitate the paralyzed survivors from the 2005 Pakistan earthquake. It was founded by Ms. Farah and her paraplegic husband Mr. Mohammed Ali Butt. Its aim is to help the disabled in Pakistan live a life of independence and dignity, achieve their rights and become productive members of society.

Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences in Peshawar, Pakistan: PIPOS

Empowering Spinal Cord Injury Persons (ESCIP)(

Jonathan Sigworth - the youngest of three brothers received a spinal cord injury at age 19 while studying in northern India in February 2006. Though the injury left him paralyzed in his hands and below his arms, Jon and his family continued to coordinate with staff at India's Spinal Injuries Center in Dehli - where Jon received treatment - in order to initiate efforts that support SCI persons who are in the process of rehabilitation and seeing indepedence. ESCIP is an unofficial name for these efforts.

Jon and his mom Vicky, live in Connecticut, USA. They are sharing their invaluable expertise and experience with SCIPPER and helping it to implement its goals.