Painting by Sughra Rababi


Spinal Cord Injury Project 

Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation


A publication released by the UN-Habitat Housing Unit titled, "Accessibilty of Housing. A Handbook of Inclusive Affordable Housing Solutions for Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons" recognized SCIPPER for building sustainable homes catered to mobility impaired people in the Himalayan terrains of Pakistan.  For more information download link to handbook here: 


Specially adapted homes for the disabled have been built for paralyzed patients living in Kashmir and the KPK province in Pakistan. Each home has cost approximately USD $ 10,000 and has two rooms, a bathroom with support bars, a kitchen, a verandah and a ramp for wheelchair access. 

Six homes have been built and another one (see photograph below) is nearing completion. 

Out of seven homes, six have been built with the help of donations raised by Tahereh Sheerazie and Kamila Jeevanjee. They have also provided construction support and coordinated the building of these completed homes. 

Hashoo Foundation and SCIPPER approached Dr. Hoodbhoy for the housing project and one home has been built with the help of donations raised in the UK by the organization UK Association for Medical Aid to Pakistan (UKMAP). 

Mirza Ali Pooya of the construction company, OneTen Ltd, in Islamabad, has built five of these homes and one has been built by a local builder.  PAKSBAB is building the seventh home. 


                                                   The pictures below show Mian Rafiq's home.




The home below with the beige top, has been built in 2010, in Bagh, Kashmir, for Tanvir who became a paraplegic during the earthquake.

              The picture below shows Kulsoom Bibi's home under construction in Mansehra, KPK in 2011.